Devon Rowland

Devon Rowland grew up in a music filled house, as her dad was an A&R guy for RCA and A&M and had an early education in the music industry.  She was immersed into Blues, Rock and Roll, Country, Pop, and Soul – could sing and dance before she talked!

Devon performed throughout her youth in plays and musicals and was a member of the Los Angeles Children’s  Museum Choir. She studied theatre arts and musical theater in undergrad at San Jose State University and went on to get her master’s degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University, always keeping her love of music in the forefront and continuing to perform while pursuing her education.

Her band, Devon Rowland and Crazy Heart has been playing the LA circuit for the last few years. More recently, Devon and her guitar player partner and good friend, Vince White, got to work closely with the late, great Alan Mirikantani  aka BB Chung King, on their latest cd “Between the Grooves” (out now).

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